Senior Capstone Dev Blog | First Look At Camera Shy

General / 18 January 2020

It’s my final semester at Champlain College!

    After having a much-needed month-long break, I’m back for my final semester at Champlain College. I’m equal parts nervous and excited, leaning a bit more towards nervous, but I’m happy to have a fresh start into what I hope is a transformative experience that shapes who I am as a student and as a game developer.

    With a new semester comes new projects, and I’m excited to say that I’ve been picked up by False Panda Studios to work on their game Camera Shy! For our senior Capstone projects, we spend the first half of the semester developing a game that our faculty plays and critiques, and from there they decide which games are viable enough to continue development into the second semester. Unfortunately, my original team’s game did not make the cut, but we all had a lot of fun on our project and were ready to move on to the next thing. I’ve had classes with the team working on Camera Shy and got to watch their game throughout its development, and I’ve been in love with it since the beginning. Camera Shy is a VR exploration game in which the player takes pictures with a magical polaroid camera to solve puzzles and reveal new objects within a room. It’s incredibly cute, charming, and fun to play, and I’m excited to work on the environments for it!

    Currently, the art team hasn’t had much to do since the team is planning what the semester is going to look like and what level (or levels) need to be built next, so we’re editing the models for the kitchen level. Since the game is being developed on the Oculus Rift and not the Quest anymore, our polycount can now go from a low to mid-level and props and other assets can have more detail. It’ll also help ease myself and our other new artist into the workflow for the game without our lead trying to give us a crash course in how to create models for our levels. 

    I’m very excited to begin working on this project, and I can’t wait to see what the future of Camera Shy brings!